Woman Sues Mother’s Doctors For Allowing Her To Be Born

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People often say they wish they hadn’t been born, particularly if they are unhappy or in pain. The idea of taking matters to court is a new one.

Evie Toombes, a twenty-year-old, has sued her mother’s physician for allowing her birth in a case that could be called groundbreaking.

Evie Toombs is well-known for her accomplishments as a showjumper. She has been a passionate horse lover since childhood. She competes against both specially-abled riders and able-bodied horses.

She now serves as an ambassador for the sport within her community.

Although she knows that her life is exciting and fulfilling, the daily struggles she faces are not well known.

Evie has Spina Bifida, a chronic condition that exposes a portion of the spinal cord through a hole in the backbone.

This condition can lead to permanent disability, dependence on medication and medical equipment.

Evie filed a unique damages case in November 2021, twenty-years after her birth. Evie sued Dr. Philip Mitchell, her mother’s general physician, for wrongful pregnancy.

Evie claims that Dr. Mitchell did not give Caroline Toombs the right advice about the importance of taking vital supplements during her attempt to get pregnant.

Folic acid supplementation can help reduce the chance of Evie’s condition.

Caroline would have waited until her doctor explained the situation to be able to start taking the supplement.

Rosalind Coe, Judge, agreed with Evie’s facts and ruled in her favor.

“She would not have tried to conceive if she had received the right advice. Judge Coe stated that in the circumstances, she would have had a later conception which would have led to a healthy normal child.

Evie now has the right to damages in the amount of a significant sum.

Evie’s lawyer didn’t give a precise amount, but stated that it would be sufficient to pay for Evies ongoing medical and care costs.

The outcome of this case has set a precedent that states that pre-conception advice can be held responsible for healthcare professionals if a child is born suffering from a severe medical condition.

Evie will be returning to court in the event that neither party can reach an agreement on a settlement by the court day.

At the moment, her focus is on her horses and E.N.D. Campaign.

This campaign is short for “Educate not Discriminate”, and aims to increase awareness for people living with invisible diseases like Evie’s.

Evie’s website describes how she hopes to make others’ lives easier. “I want to raise awareness because I don’t want anyone (child or adult), to go through the same struggle. If there is something that can be done, it will.”

Her blog, where she writes about everyday life and discusses taboo topics in health, has received her recognition.

She explained that she wrote her blog to document her journey as a para-showjumper and teenager with medical conditions.

Evie is active on Instagram and her blog if you are curious about what she is doing today.

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