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Many types of plants and trees exist in the world. Sensitive plant or touch me not plant is a famous plant due to its unusual habit to shrink its leaves when touched. The sensitive plant requires much care for its proper growth. In this article, we will try to explore some easy and effective sensitive plant care tips.

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What Is A Sensitive Plant?

What Is A Sensitive Plant? Styleeon - Home Decor

Sensitive plant or action plant is an herb with thorny stems and branches, and it’s related to peas and beans, etc. It is also called the shy sleeping plant. The sensitive plant requires much care for its proper growth. It is a fascinating plant because it has a shy nature of closing and opening leaves on touch. We can grow this natural plant at home very easily. This plant has different names due to its specific nature.

You can say that plant a shy sleeping plant because when someone touches this plant it specifically closes its leaves. It also has a scientific name with Mimosa pudica. It is the plant that is usually used for decorating the house. Yes! I am right this plant has beautiful flowers and leaves.

People call this plant a shameful plant, humble plant, and action plant due to its specific nature. The scientific name of the sensitive plant is Mimosa pudica. The remarkable leaf action of this plant makes it fascinating to children and adults. This plant is native to South America and Central America but can also be found in other countries of the world.

If you really want to grow this beautiful and natural plant at your home or property, you should follow this article. In this piece of content, we will describe different ways to grow this plant at home in an efficient way.

Pot And Soil Selection

Pot And Soil Selection - Styleeon - Home Decor

Touch me not plant, or action plant is a very beautiful and natural plant on the earth. We should follow sensitive plant care tips for its better growth at home. As we all know, soil plays a very important role in the growth of trees and plants. So, the most important thing is the soil in which seeds are grown. Touch me not plant seeds can grow well in moist and well-drained soil.  

You might be wondering why we use moist and well-drained soil because this plant is specifically grown in moist and well-drained. If you want the plant grown healthy and beautiful then you should take care of the soil that it is good for the plant or not.

The growth of plants can be enhanced with the help of moist soil. Furthermore, it is very important to choose a good quality pot to grow the sensitive plant in your property. These beautiful and natural plants can enhance the worth and value of your property. It is vital to use a pot with drainage holes for better results. So, we should always choose a pot that fits the size of the plant.

We can use a small pot for seedlings and repot it in a large pot when it gets established. If we follow touch me not plant care tips, we can grow this plant in our property in a very short period of time. So, we should always try to choose a pot according to the size of the plant with well-draining loamy soil for better results.

Bright Light

We cannot deny the worth and value of bright light in our daily routine life. Bright light provides the energy which plants need for natural growth. If touch me not plant does not receive a proper amount of light, it won’t be able to produce blooms. Lack of adequate light may also affect touch me, not flowers and leaves. Plants growing outdoors are exposed to the proper amount of light from the sun.

If you are using the bright light of the bulb or you are using the direct sunlight from the window then it will help the flowers to bloom and looks attractive and healthy. If you want the plant to grow in your own garden then it can be possible.

Moreover, the light is really important for the plant if you are in that area where the direct sunlight is not rising then you can use the bright light bulb for the proper growth of the plant. You don’t need to worry about the sunlight but if you don’t have the sunlight problem then you should prefer the sunlight than the bright light of the bulb. Because nature is nature!

 We should try to set our plant in a sunny window that receives direct sunlight. Furthermore, we can use artificial lighting for the better growth of plants. We can use full-spectrum fluorescent lighting as artificial light for the proper growth of this unique natural plant. If we arrange a proper amount of light, we can grow the sensitive plant at home very easily.


As we all know that, heat or temperature considered one of the most important factors for the proper growth of plants and trees. Temperature affects plants and trees grow in many ways. Furthermore, every plant requires a different amount of temperature according to its specific qualities and features.

A humble plant or sensitive plant requires a suitable temperature range for its better growth. Generally, it requires (16-30 C) for the proper and healthy growth of leaves and flowers. This plant can grow very quickly indoors next to a sunny window with direct sunlight. 

This natural plant always requires a suitable temperature. As it also gets the temperature from the direct sunlight as I mentioned above. Temperature or heat is a basic need of any plant not only the sensitive plant. If you place your plant in front of the window where it gets a suitable temperature then it will grow faster and healthier.

If we follow sensitive plant care tips, we can grow this beautiful plant in our property very quickly. Furthermore, touch me not plant can enhance the value and attraction of our property.


As we all know, water is very important to all life. We cannot live without water. Water is very important for the proper and natural growth of plants and trees. Water helps plants by providing necessary nutrients. So, for the proper growth of sensitive plants at home, always try to keep the soil of this plant moist for better results.

Touch me not plant usually requires less amount of water. We should try to provide consistently moist potting soil for the proper growth of this beautiful plant at home.


Researches and studies show that soils naturally contain different types of nutrients that allow plants and trees to grow. When these nutrients are missing due to some reason, plants stop growing in a natural way. Without the proper amount of nutrients, plants cannot function properly. The best solution to the deficiency of nutrients is to use fertilizers. Many farmers use fertilizers because they contain all necessary nutrients, which are important for the natural growth of plants. If we talk about sensitive plant care tips, we should use fertilizer for the proper growth of the sensitive plants in our home.

For the better growth of Touch me not plant, we should try to feed every two weeks in the spring and summer with fertilizers. We should give the sensitive plant fertilizer weekly during the growing season of this natural plant. This is the best way to grow the sensitive plant at home.


Propagation is very important for the growth of new plants in a natural way. It is the process that grows new plants by using different kinds of sources, including seeds, cuttings, and other plant parts. Now the question is how to propagate sensitive plants for better growth? Most people prefer propagation by stem cuttings in the spring and summer.

 Generally, this plant grows from seeds. Touch me not flower produce seeds which can be used for propagation purposes. Keep the seeds in moist and place plastic above the planting medium to produce a lot of moisture and expect the seeds to sprout in 2 to 3 weeks.

We can also propagate touch me not plant by taking cuttings. We can cut a healthy section of stem, leaf, or branch from a plant and can use it to start a new plant. For sensitive plant, cut a branch and plant it in a medium according to requirements. Furthermore, place a plastic wrap over the plant to keep the air around the plant humid.

Try to keep the soil moist and place it in a warm, bright location for proper growth. After a few weeks, if the roots have developed, the plastic can be removed. These are the easy and best ways to propagate a sensitive plant at home in an efficient way.

Pests and Diseases

The sensitive plant needs a lot of care for proper and natural growth. It is very important to grow this plant in a safe environment for better results. Sensitive plants become infested by common house plant pests such as red spider mites and bugs etc. we should spray this plant on a daily basis. Furthermore, touch me not plant contains toxic alkaloids that can harm humans if ingested.

If you want this plant secure and healthy then you should take care of this plant and don’t let the pests harm it. It is necessary to take proper care of the plant from pests and diseases. You can use the spray to this plant to make the pests and diseases away from it.

So, it is very important to keep this plant at a safe place for proper growth. We should understand mimosa plant facts and Mimosa pudica care for better results. Furthermore, we should also try to follow other sensitive plant care tips for the better growth and care of this attractive and beautiful plant.


As we all know that, sensitive plant or touch me not plant is a very attractive and beautiful natural plant. It is a wonder of God. Many people in the world prefer to grow these plants in homes for a better environment. This beautiful plant can enhance the worth and value of your property in a natural way. This plant needs much care for its better growth and maintenance.

Pruning is an excellent method to enhance the worth and value of a plant. Regular pruning schedule protects your plants from pests and other damages. Pruning plays a vital role in the natural growth of this plant, and it is considered as one of the most important maintenance strategies.

It improves the health and growth of a plant in many ways. It removes dead branches, allowing room for new growth. Furthermore, it is very important to take help from professionals for the pruning of sensitive plants. Pruning is the best way to control plant size and shape according to your needs and requirements.

Thorns Removal

Touch me not plant or mimosa pudica is a unique plant that responds to touch and movement. 

People grow this plant in their homes for a better environment. This beautiful plant has flowers as well as thorny stems. Thorns can hurt you in many ways, and it is very important to remove these thorns.

 You should remove thorns. In this way, plants will be safe and will not damage your hands. For thorns removal, it is better to ask a professional to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Facts You Must Know About Sensitive Plant

Facts You Must Know About Sensitive Plant - Styleeon - Home Decor

Being human, we always desire to be connected with nature. Modern research and studies have shown that simply adding some greenery in the form of plants can have major benefits for our health. Natural plants and trees in our homes can provide us fresh air, which is very important for our respiratory system.

 If we talk about, touch me not plant, it is a very beautiful natural plant and is very famous due to the movement of its leaves. Its leaves have a natural ability to fold up when touched. Many people prefer to grow this plant because they clean the air and provide a fresh and natural environment. 

  • They are good against cobra venom. The aqueous extracts of its roots are good for poisonous effects of cobra
  • It also is known as a shy plant, sleepy plant, humble plant, and sensitive plant
  • The scientific name of this plant is mimosa pudica
  • They are very famous due to their unusual nature of leaf folding
  • It can be grown as an annual plant
  • They also sleep as they close their leaves at night
  • They have medicinal properties that have been used for treating wounds.

Final Words

We cannot deny the value and importance of plants and trees in our life. Beautiful green plants play a vital role in our health and fitness in many ways. According to modern researches, the presence of plants can probably result in a positive change in the psychosocial working environment.

They can provide us fresh and natural air. Furthermore, they can reduce our stress, anxiety, and depression. They can boost our creativity and reduce noise levels in many ways. We should try to grow different types of plants in our homes and properties according to our needs and requirements.  

The beautiful and green plants can enhance the worth and value of our property or home. Now it has become a trend in many countries of the world to grow sensitive plants as an indoor plant. They are attractive, beautiful, easy to grow, and maintain. If we follow sensitive plant care tips and techniques, we can grow these plants in our home or office in an efficient way.

This plant has a very shy nature, and therefore people prefer these plants. Sensitive plant or touch me not plant is famous among young and old people due to its specific qualities and features. We should try to grow this plant in our homes and properties for fresh air and natural environment. 

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