The Top Tips When Shopping for Stylish and Functional Handbags

I’ve always had a thing for handbags; in fact, I’d love to make a living off of it if I were creative enough. Throughout my college years, my first fashion obsession was handbags rather than shoes.

I have a large assortment of purses since I enjoy matching my bag to my ensemble. Over the years, I’ve bought several different bags, and some have been better than others. Since I have some experience in this area, I will tell you what I think are the most important qualities in a stylish and functional handbag.

Ensure it is Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Yes, a handbag, like your other articles of clothing, ought to be as comfortable as possible for you to use. When Gucci had a huge sale in Melbourne many years ago (they never do it now since it “dilutes the brand”), I took advantage and bought a new purse. The fact that it sat on my shoulder without slipping off and was able to slide under my arm was the first thing I noticed. When I first saw it, I thought, “Wow, no surprise good design costs so much.”

Try on a few different handbags and see if any of them cause any discomfort by forcing your arm out to the side. Is it too effortless to throw over your shoulder? Is there no way around using the handles, which are so uncool?

Even if we love the way a handbag looks, we may quickly grow to hate it if it makes us feel too uncomfortable to use it.

Make Sure It’s Not Too Heavy

In contrast to the numerous synthetic handbags, genuine leather totes can be repaired if they ever get scratched. As with a quality pair of leather shoes, I can extend the life of my purchase by giving my leather purse a nice shine. However, certain leather handbags can be rather hefty even when empty, so I’ll be hauling around 45 kilos once I’ve emptied my kitchen sink into it. I’m afraid for my back (or in a bad mood).

Try the weight of the bag out for yourself and see for yourself. Adding that extra metal element to a bag can make it seem wonderful, but it can also make the bag too heavy to be functional.

Designed with Your Pockets in Mind

Is there nothing but emptiness inside, or are there compartments as well? Is it possible to know what varieties and how many pockets it has, if any?

Your preferences will be unique to you. For myself, I’ve found that a center divider pocket isn’t ideal, but a tiny accessory pocket where I can store a few pens, a glasses cleaning cloth, and other items is really helpful. I prefer having a place to stow my phone, and an exterior zippered pocket is ideal for keeping my car keys safe. This Zohara tote is ideal since it includes convenient exterior pockets on both the front and rear sides.

I prefer evening bags and clutches with many card slots since I don’t want to lug around my bulky wallet but still need to carry a credit card and a few other items (like my driver’s license from back when I was “carded” for being too young to buy a bottle of wine). My Bellorita Fish clutch, which you can see in this post, features several convenient slots for cards and a secure zippered compartment.

Evening bags with zippered compartments are my preference, as that’s where I’ll most often be storing my cash.

Also, there needs to be a place for your lipstick, glasses, phone, and keys. It’s terrible to have a clutch for the evening but not enough room to carry your essentials.

Close the Flap

If my bag happens to topple over while I’m traveling, I want to be able to secure the contents by zipping or closing it completely. Having a zip closure is useful, especially for totes and other large bags, when you need to make sure your belongings stay put.

The teal color and high-quality leather of this purse from Zohara make it a must-have. I picked it up on my recent trip to the UK, and now I know that it’s made on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland, which I also had the pleasure of visiting.

Create a Lovely Scene

There’s also the matter of the layout. Moreover, I find its visual appeal irresistible. I value both form and function equally.

One method is through the use of color; I, for example, own a variety of totes in various hues.

The star of the show is the handbag’s color, even though the design is simple.

A black handbag, on the other hand, needs some additional design touches to make it more appealing to the eye. Black and basic are the epitome of uninteresting and unstylish.

Bellorita’s attention to detail transformed this otherwise ordinary black clutch into a work of art and a topic of conversation. Make your handbag the focal point of an otherwise simple ensemble.

Make it Flexible

There are bags designed for special occasions (like an evening bag), but if you’re the kind to carry only one bag everywhere you go, every day, then it needs to be able to accommodate a wide variety of contents and outfits.

  • It needs to be appropriate for the office setting.
  • It should be comfy enough to go with your everyday wear.
  • Colors in your wardrobe should complement one another so you don’t look sloppy.

How to pick a handbag that complements everything in your closet. You might start with a color that compliments your hair. Rather than removing it, you wear this shade as a constant statement. Because your hair is always on display, it pairs well with accessories that are worn “over” other pieces of clothing, such as purses, shoes, coats, and belts.

Another distinctive color that doesn’t change from day to day is the color of your eyes, which would be my second choice if you didn’t want to go with the first.

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