The Process For Applying Turkey Visa For Afghan And Bangladeshi Citizens

If you want to visit Turkey for a holiday, you need to apply for a visa. But before you apply, you need to make sure you have the required documents. These documents include a valid passport and e-mail address. In addition, you must have a residence permit from one of the listed countries. If you meet these criteria, you can now plan your trip to Turkey. Once you arrive in Turkey, you can start exploring its seven diverse regions.


e-Visa application form

To travel to Turkey, Afghan and Bangladeshi citizens must possess valid travel documents, including passports. Moreover, Afghans must visit the Turkish embassy to obtain other kinds of visas. In addition, Afghans should not overstay their visas. The e-Visa will be associated with the passport mentioned at the time of application. If the information in the e-Visa is not accurate, the visa will be suspended. Additionally, foreign travelers must pass a PCR test, which is part of Turkey’s safety protocols. The results must be negative 72 hours before departure.

Turkey is a popular travel destination for travelers from many countries. To visit Turkey, foreigners must have a valid passport and an e-mail address. Also, a valid residence permit from one of the listed countries must be presented when applying for an e-Visa. With these three requirements in place, travelers can begin planning their travel to Turkey. Once they’ve secured the proper visa, they can begin exploring the country’s seven regions.

Processing time

The government of Turkey recommends that international visitors apply for a visa at least three days before traveling to the country. The process is quick and easy and can be completed online. You will need your passport and other relevant documents to apply for your visa. You will also need to provide some basic personal information and the reason for your travel. Once you’ve filled out the application form, you’ll need to make an online payment. The process will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Once you have all your travel documents ready, you can start the process of applying for a Turkey visa. You can apply online, and most applicants choose this option because it’s convenient. However, you should allow a few extra hours for processing because border officials will check your documents before allowing you to enter. Also, you should remember that just because your visa is approved doesn’t mean that you’ll be allowed to enter Turkey.


Afghan and Bangladeshi citizens need not apply for a Turkish visa if they plan to visit Turkey for transit purposes. The shortest flight time to Turkey is six hours. However, Afghan passport holders will need to apply for a Turkish visa if they plan to visit for business or tourism purposes. In order to visit Turkey, Afghans can take up various activities such as hiking, climbing mountains, taking hot air balloon rides, and learning about the culture and history of the country. They can also engage in water sports and visit hot springs. The list of activities is almost endless in Turkey.

A valid passport must be presented when applying for a Turkey visa. Applicants who plan to travel by plane must provide a copy of their flight booking or airline ticket. Other travel documents such as hotel bookings, hotel reservations, museum tickets, and invitations are acceptable proof of travel to Turkey.


When visiting Turkey, Turkey Visa for Afghan Citizens and Turkey Visa for Bangladesh Citizens are required to have a visa. They are also required to provide a valid email address and match the information on their passport. Applying for a visa is simple and can take no more than 15 minutes. The process is completely online, and it can be done from the comfort of your home. Once you have all your documents, you can start filling out your application. You will need to include your personal information and the purpose of your trip, and then pay the application fee online.

You will also need to include the information and photo pages of your passport. You will also need a passport-type photo, which must show your face without any jewelry or other items and be in full color. It is also important to provide a valid email address because this will be used to notify you of the visa decision. You can use your credit card or debit card to pay for the application.

Expiration date

If you’re an Afghan or Bangladeshi citizen, you need to be aware of the Turkey visa expiration date. Generally, the visa expires 180 days after it is issued. However, in some cases, the validity of your visa can be extended. The validity of your identity card and passport are also factors that determine your visa expiration date. If either of those factors is less than six months, you’ll not be able to travel to Turkey and will need to apply for a new passport and visa.

If you’re an Afghan or Bangladeshi citizen, you’ll need to have a valid passport to visit Turkey. However, if you’re an EU citizen, you don’t need a visa for a short stay in Turkey. Moreover, you’ll need a residence permit, which will last for a year. However, you can renew your residence permit 60 days before its expiration date.

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