The Most Trendy Lace-up Knee-High Boots Style Guide: Every Woman Should Know

While boot patterns are continually changing, knee-high boots are a closet staple that can raise the level of any outfit. Knee-high boots are trendy footwear that chic and versatile, and ladies can pair these boots with dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts, and tights. Whether you want to style your boots for a night party with the young ladies or spruce up for a date with a cute black dress, there are numerous charming outfits with knee-high boots to consider. 

For motivation and outfit thoughts, we’ve assembled some tips on the most proficient method to wear lace-up knee-high boots to make an effortless vogue look. From adorable dresses and skirts to relaxed pants and stockings, explore the knee-high boot outfits styles that you will admire this fall and winter. 

Some inspiring outfit ideas to pair with lace up knee high boots  

1. Knee High Boots and Jeans 

As one of the most famous styles, you can wear knee-high boots with jeans anytime for a complimenting look. Effortless and simple to style, you can coordinate a wide range of jeans with boots and pull off a chic look. Usually, black or blue jeans look flawless with knee-length boots, providing you with a scope of choices on top. 

Tip: Wear a skin-fit jeans with a leather jacket to complement the lace up knee high boots. Avoid flare and wide-leg jeans as they could hide the fashionable boots and would look grumpy. 

2. Knee High Boots and Dress 

Regardless of the length, matching your knee-high boots with a dress will guarantee you radiant femininity. There is a wide range of dresses you can wear for a stunning look. Most ladies have that little sexy black dress saved for the black lace up knee high boots. You can also go for printed boots for a bold look. 

Tip: For an alluring outfit, match your boots with a mini slip dress for a cutting edge vibe, or attempt a maxi or midi dress with your knee-high boots for an additional hot and timeless look. 

3. Knee High Boots and Skirt 

Dressing knee high boots with a skirt permits you to play with various styles and outfits. Wearing a mini skirt with knee high boots allows little leg exposure that makes you look taller and hotter. During the winter season, you can wear tights underneath your skirts for warmth and comfort. While midi dresses can be worn any time, as they are timeless pieces of beauty.  

Tip: for a more formal look, ladies should try pencil skirts with knee high boots to get the perfect slimming outfit look. 

4. Knee High Boots and Leggings 

Leggings are the most comfortable and popular bottom choices. Being a wardrobe staple, they go well with knee high boots. As they come into casual attires, legging can, in any case, be spruced up and look chic when styled appropriately. Pair up the leggings with long sweaters, tunics, scarves, oversized cardigans, and knee high boots for the maximum warmth and a stylish look. However, black leggings are a very common and popular choice, you can also go for nude colors.  

 5. Knee High Boots and Shorts 

You can pair knee high boots with shorts all through the year for an easy going look that you can wear in and out of town. Whether you’re styling denim or leather shorts, your lace up knee high boots will create a timeless, voguish appearance. Match your high-waisted denim shorts with a silk pullover top, and finish the attire with a belt. Go with minimal accessories to achieve an aesthetic look. 


No doubt knee high boots are a fashion staple, styling them with the proper outfit will elevate the look of the boots. The lace up boots is the most exclusive design in the circle of knee-high boots. To get the most trendy and charming boots, head on to the Novo AU website. It has a vast collection of gorgeous over the knee boots. Get the most glamorous look with different patterns and colors that suit your fashion sense. Shop the exclusive range of knee-high boots at Novo today!

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