Put Your Best Foot Forward With These 2020 Summer Sneaker Trends

The sneaker isn’t going anywhere. Yes! we are talking about the Sneaker Trends. Since its humble beginnings in the 18th century, these kicks have been a mainstay in our culture.

Moreover, With their significant cultural and political significance, it’s not hard to see why.

Whether you’re a fashion status symbol or someone looking to start jogging, the right sneaker is essential. Of Course! They’re one of the hottest shoes trending now, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Though we’re almost halfway through the year, it’s never too late to jump onto the bandwagon. Moreover, Keep reading to find the hottest sneaker trends of 2020. 

Sneaker Boots

However, They’re a little bit sneaker, a little bit boot all wrapped up in a whole lot of futuristic style. The sneaker trends are here to make your style more attractive.

Firstly, The top part of the shoe fits and looks like a hiking boot. Some styles fall above the ankle while others go thigh-high to make a big statement. Secondly, The bottom has the comfort features we’ve all come to know and love from sneakers. 

These are a perfect pick for sneaker lovers who don’t want to give up their kicks during cooler temperatures. However, They can be worn and styled for the summer months, too. Being versatile in both design and use makes sneaker boots a worthy investment for fashionistas and comfort seekers.

How to Wear Them

Firstly, Treat your new boots like any pair of sneakers you have in your closet.

Moreover, Women can pair them with denim shorts and a cute tee. Think Avante Garde and wear a black dress and thick sunglasses. 

Similarly, Men can wear their new kicks with jeans for a casual look. Pair them with slacks and a blazer for high-fashion appeal.

Above all, The wonderful thing about sneakers is they can look great with any outfit. 

Bright Hues

Stark white shoes have been a trend for the last several years. Things seem to be taking a turn towards the rainbow in 2020. This year, shoes with bright and neon colors are all the rage.

One look at the shoe line-up from Nike and Reebok, and you’ll see what we mean.

It’s not just athletic shoes that are turning up the saturation, though. The runway at fashion week was teeming with models wearing bright and sunny hues on their feet. We saw lime green thigh-highs and mustard yellow ankle boots, just to name a few.

How to Wear Them

One key to successfully wear bright shoes is to have something to tie the look together. Match your shirt or purse to the color of your kicks.

Don’t choose a hot pink dress for your hot pink heels. You want to have a little bit of contrast to prevent your outfit from being too loud.

If you don’t have a lime green shirt in your closet, try wearing all neutral colors. Your brown, white, or black outfit will draw attention to the statement your kicks are making.

Delicious Throwbacks

We have a challenge for the Millenials reading our blog. Try to think back to what sneaker styles were trending when you were in middle school.

Was it velcroed sneakers and platform wedges? If so, you’re in for a treat as both of these styles have made a comeback this year. 

Velcro accents were a child’s best friend in the ’80s and ’90s. If you couldn’t be bothered to tie your shoes, your Mom would buy the coolest Disney character velcro shoes money could buy. Of course, we all know how to tie our shoes now, but that doesn’t make velcro less appealing as a shoe feature.

Moreover, If you remember the Spice Girl’s glory days, you remember platform wedges. These sky-high sneakers were a girl’s best friend. Modern styles lean towards the subdued side with rises as low as one-inch.

Don’t fret if you like a little more drama in your shoe rise. The high-rise options are still out there, too. 

How to Wear Them

Moreover, The great thing about velcro and platform kicks is that you can wear them the same as any other pair of sneakers. Dress them up with slacks and also a blazer or down with your favorite athleisure outfit. Choose to be bold and also wear them with your favorite dress. 

Go Green

The fashion industry is the main culprit when it comes to pollution. Twenty-five billion pounds of textile waste winds up in US landfills every year. 

It’s more important now than ever before to find a balance between fashion and sustainability.

Of Course! The good news for fashionistas is that there are brands out who focus on creating ethical shoes. These kicks are carbon-neutral and also sustainably produced. They’re made by employees who are treated fairly, too. 

How to Wear Them

However, Slip your feet into them and feel good about making a difference. Not only are you supporting the environment, but the person making your shoes as well. 

Chunky Sole

Millennials all remember the ’90s Dad shoe. Moreover, The often stark white thick-soled beauties from Nike or Fila are etched into all our collective memories. Of Course! They’re back with a vengeance this year and we’re kind of here for it.

These chunky-soled kicks have come a long way since the ’90s. But if one thing remains, it’s that these are some of the best men’s fashion sneakers available.

Moreover, Don’t feel left out ladies. The dad chic trend now applies to you as these kicks are all over the high fashion runways this year. 

How to Wear Them

What did your Dad do when he wore his trusty chunky kicks in 1997?

Mow the lawn? Hit up the hardware store? Go grocery shopping?

However, Your 2020 Dad shoes can handle all this errand running and more. Pair them with a skirt and cardigan for a statement-making look. 

Of course, if you’re ever in doubt, your athletic wear pairs very well with any sneaker. 

Get Your Hands on the Hottest Sneaker Trends

Whether you’re a fashionista, an influencer-in-training, or just passionate about fitness, these sneaker trends will have you looking hot this year.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when styling your new kicks. However, The trending sneakers this year pair well with nearly any outfit you can imagine. 

Keep reading our Fashion blogs for tips on staying en vogue and on-trend.

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