4 Simple Steps to a DIY Crop Top This Summer

DIY Crop Top This Summer | Styleeon.com |
DIY Crop Top This Summer | Styleeon.com |

DIY Crop Top This Summer! Yes you are wondering right we are here to provide you simple steps to DIY Crop Top This Summer.

Crop tops may be a staple in women’s fashion these days, but did you know women were rocking this cute look all the way back in the 1940s? Women all over the world have worn a crop top for many more centuries, but it didn’t really take hold in the west until the 40s. 

Today, we are lucky enough to have a wide variety to crop top fashion available to wear. But you don’t have to rush out and buy a whole new wardrobe to participate in this trend. 

However, Try your hand at one of these DIY crop top ideas. 

1. Crop Top T-Shirt 

When it comes to making a crop top, you can’t get any easier than making one out of an old T-shirt. Firstly, Start by choosing a T-shirt that has your desired style and fit. However, It could be loose and flowy or a bit more fitted. 

Secondly, Put the shirt on and mark where you want it to stop. It’s safe to start longer and gradually cut shorter. 

2. Bikini Crop Top 

Moreover, You can turn your favorite bikini top into a cute crop top. Skip your string bikini tops for this project; you want something that you can easily sew around the bottom of. 

Choose some decorative lace that will complement the bikini top. Then sew the lace around the bottom of the top. Now you have a cute crop top. 

3. Leggings Crop Top

Do you have an old pair of leggings that you don’t wear anymore? Why not give them a new life as a crop top? All you need are a pair of scissors to get started. 

Firstly, Fold the leggings in half lengthwise. Secondly, Now cut the crotch point off that sticks out. Don’t cut too much! This will be your neck hole, so if you cut it too much, you’ll create a huge boatneck to your crop top. 

It’s best to cut a little and then try them on. Thirdly, You’ll slip the waist over your head and put your arms down the legs. Similarly, Picture the leggings upside down on your body. 

4. Blue Jeans Crop Top

However, Get inspired by a super cute crop top you see online. Thick straps with bold buttons down the front is a popular choice right now. On the other hand, You can recreate the look with an old pair of blue jeans. 

Cut open a leg so that you have a flat piece of material. Then trim it down to be a rectangle that is long enough to go around your body and wide enough to be your desired length on your body. 

Then cut two narrow strips that will become the shoulder strap. Fold under and sew all of the edges; this will keep it from fraying and becoming a mess. 

On the backside, you’ll need to either sew in a zipper, Velcro, or buttons to secure the crop top on your body. Your crop top is complete, and you can now wear it. But this doesn’t mean you need to stop. 

Moreover, Embellish your crop top with decorative buttons up the front or lace along the bottom. 

Try These DIY Crop Top Ideas 

With warm weather quickly approaching, there’s no better time than the present to create a DIY crop top. However, These crop tops help you re-purpose clothes you no longer wear and don’t require a lot of skill. 

In conclusion, Browse the fashion section of our blog for more helpful articles to help you look your best. 

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