Second Life of Old Clothes

In the spirit of the trend of bershka, we propose to figure out how to make fashionable clothes out of old things. If you look closely, you can discover the fashion potential of even the most seemingly hopeless thing. Used clothes are transformed before our eyes with a little effort and creative inspiration. Plus, do not forget that even well-worn images come to life in the company of trendy new clothes.



You probably have a shirt that could use a refresh, or a skirt that’s long out of fashion, a sweater covered in pills, or a washed-out T-shirt. Good news for thrifty fashionistas: all these things can be updated. Here are some ways to give new life to old clothes.


Is there an annoying blouse or an outdated dress? Let’s act like the legendary Coco Chanel – just cut off the excess. The shocking Frenchwoman constantly did this even with her own creations.

The easiest way to experiment is on the neckline. For example, you can always cut off an outdated collar or outdated chest drapery by replacing it:

  • seductive corset weaving;
  • colored insert;
  • lace;
  • transparent mesh;
  • lapel or shuttlecock.

You can refine your old dress by adding cutouts and slits. You’ve probably noticed how many looks with unexpected nudity were shown this season by the couturier. It only plays into our hands. Want a trendy summer dress ? then use site to find bershka discount code Just cut out the eye-catching diamonds on the sides, on the belly, cut along the waistline and sew only in the front for a monokini look.

You can also make cutouts on the shirt:

  • at the collar;
  • on the back;
  • on the chest.

Sew on

If there is nothing to remove, it will add. Even without a special talent of a needlewoman, you can alter old things, for example, like this:

  • add stripes to tight trousers;
  • replace frayed hem with colored cuffs;
  • sew on a bright contrasting flare;
  • add ruffles and flounces.

Combined looks, half jeans, sweaters with versatile bottoms and tops – we saw all this on the catwalks. Patch pockets with flaps deserve special attention of fashionistas. The trendy stylization of images for work clothes has captured the fashion Olympus. We pour in.


The decision to add decor helps a lot if you need to hide imperfections: spots, holes, scuffs. How to decorate old things? There are a lot of options – you can use:

  • fringe;
  • applications;
  • drapery;
  • lace;
  • braid;
  • bows;
  • rhinestones;
  • rivets.

Elbow patches are a trendy touch and a clever solution for updating old things. Sequins, leather inserts, any patch options will be in the theme.


How to return the previous color to clothes? Painting is the best solution. It is not necessary to stick to the original palette. You can easily choose a new shade and even experiment on the theme of the pattern. Tie-dye is one of the trendiest prints today, try it out.


Things that have been given a second life become loved. They remain all the same comfortable and familiar to the body, while acquiring a completely different updated look, sometimes transforming beyond recognition.

Are you ready to give a second life to old things? The clothes with which to conduct such experiments may vary.

How to remake an old blouse?

A formal business shirt can be turned into a sleeveless jacket. And if you tie the bottom corners, you get a spectacular top for the beach. The blouse will serve as the basis for an elegant skirt: mini or midi, depending on the length of the item. And from elegant blouses, stunning evening tops are obtained. You can add decor: rhinestones, sequins, glitter.

What can be made from an old skirt?

First of all, you should try to shorten the thing. The mini-length is confidently returning to fashion, which convinces you to do just that. You can also add cuts, make the model more magnificent, or, conversely, sew on the sides, turning it into a stylish pencil. An asymmetrical hem will look beautiful: mallet, on one side in a dance style. A skirt doesn’t have to be a skirt: you can easily transform it into a trendy mini dress, a beach tunic, or shorts if your sewing skills allow it.

How to redesign a T-shirt

You can do anything from it at all:

  • mini dress: with a sewn-on bodice and a waist under the bust, or loose along the entire length of the A-line in the style of the 60s;
  • T-shirt or top;
  • a skirt or sports shorts;
  • shopping bag.

It is even easier to embody an accessory useful in the household from an old T-shirt – there are already handles, it remains to work on the lower part of the bag.

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