Problems with flat girls and skinny girls are aware of all the issues.

People are not all created equal. They are available in a variety of sizes and forms. Others are overweight and even obese, while others are slender and tiny. Some women have a bust, while others have a flat chest. While some females don’t give a damn about their appearance as long as they know and think they are attractive, there are others who have a genuine and severe problem with being flat-chested, especially in a society where busty girls command so much attention. Some flat females out there are definitely struggling!
Women with a tiny build are more likely to have a flat chest. Breast tissues are noticeably absent from a flat chest. When some flat girls are among large chested girls, their self-image and self-esteem suffer. If you have a flat chest, you are familiar with these issues and problems and can completely identify with them. Camille made all of the drawings.

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