Ports of Exit for Australian Citizens

There are certain Indian visa ports of exit for Australian citizens when they visit India. The most common ones are Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore. These are all relatively easy to get to. However, if you are going to get to any of these cities, you will need to make sure that you have the proper documentation. This will help you to avoid overstaying and getting fined. If you have questions, you can consult a travel agent or check the website for the embassy of the country in which you are coming to.

Application Process

It is possible to apply for an Indian Visa for Australian citizens through the Internet. This allows them to visit India for tourism, business or medical reasons. The process is simple and takes less than four days to complete.

When you are planning to travel to India, you may have questions about the process. Our website will answer some of those questions for you.

Before you can start the application process, you will need to gather certain information. These include your name, date of birth, marital status, and your purpose of traveling to India. You also need to provide answers to some security questions.

Once you have all this information, you can complete the application online. You will be sent a secure link that will allow you to upload your documents.

Documents Required

If you are an Australian citizen, you might wonder what documents you need to obtain an Indian Visa. It’s a simple process, but it does require some information. You will need to complete some basic forms and pay a fee. However, the process is easy and takes a few minutes.

First, you need to check if you qualify for the eVisa for India. If you do, you can apply online. This visa will allow you to enter India for up to five years. Alternatively, you can opt to get a multiple-entry e-Visa for up to one year.

Once you have determined your eligibility, you need to gather the necessary documents. Specifically, you will need your passport to apply for an e-Visa.

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Multiple Entries for a year

If you are an Australian citizen, you may be eligible to apply for an Indian Visa online. There are a number of different categories that you may be able to apply for.

For example, you may be able to apply for an eTourist Visa for India. This type of visa allows you to enter the country without having to visit an Indian embassy.

You may also be able to apply for an eBusiness Visa for India. This type of visa allows business travelers to travel to India on business. The length of time that you can stay in the country with this type of visa depends on the specific visa.

In order to obtain a Business eVisa for India, you will need to provide a few pieces of documentation. These include a letter of introduction from an Indian company.

Fines for Overstaying

If you overstay your visa in India, you could face some serious legal and financial consequences. You can be fined, deported, or banned from entering the country for a long time.

In 2010, the Indian government made legal changes to its immigration laws to increase penalties for overstaying. It also linked penalties with the length of the period you overstayed.

There are a few ways to avoid overstaying your visa. First, you must get a valid passport. Then, you must register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within the specified time period after you arrive in India.

Also, you should apply for a visa renewal as early as possible. For a short-term or special category visa, you can file your renewal application as far as one month in advance.


There are several reasons why you might need to apply for an Indian Visa. These include business visits, medical visits, and short-term stays in India. The process of applying for an Indian Visa from Australia is very simple and easy. This can be done online, at the airport, or at the Indian Embassy.

Before you can apply for an Indian Visa from Australia, you will need to submit your documents and pay the application fee. Applicants can choose to pay with Australian Dollars (AUD), or with any of 137 other currencies.

Once the application is complete, a confirmation email is sent to the applicant. The email contains a link to upload the required documents. You can also email the documents to the Customer Support team for a faster and more convenient process.

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