Photo Booth Rental in Nashville – Fitting in With Wedding Trends 2022

If you are a bride or a planner, you must have been a busy bee over the past few months! 2022 dates are getting booked like crazy, and you would surely want your wedding to be memorable. There are so many trends flooding in this year to make your event unforgettable. The one thing that will be trending this year is a photo booth. Three styles, in particular, would be a center of attention for photo booth rental in Nashville

The demand for these is blowing up (literally), and you need them if you plan a modern wedding this year! So, without any delay, let’s see what booths will be in style in 2022.

Glam Wedding Booths – The Most Demanded Photo Booth Rental in Nashville

These wedding photo booths are made popular by celebrities, mainly the Kardashians, and we have seen Biebers use them as well. So, we can stay; this trend is here to stay!

This photo booth rental makes you and the guests look runway-ready and help you capture special memories at your event in style. The main reason for their popularity is that your guest won’t have to use different filters to capture flawless pictures. The booths offer studio-quality pictures that automatically have a smoothing and glowing pictures effect.

More so, with this style, you have the option to choose pictures from either glam cam or selfie cam. It will be great entertainment for your guest as the black and white glam is timeless!

Add Spice With 360 Photo Booth Rentals!

The 360-photo booth style is stunning and unique that keeps the guests hyped and makes them remember your event. You might have heard about the technology, but do you know what exactly it is? 

It is one of the most trending experiences in weddings and other special events. Widely known as 360 photo booths, they will capture around 120 frames in a second to make a small GIF/video.

A person has to stand on a platform while a revolving camera spins 360-degrees to make a slow-motion video. It is one of the most attractive ways to capture the special moments at your wedding that people will look back to even after years. However, to experience the best quality results, rent the booths from companies like Nashville Photo Booth. They ensure to make your event great.

Add Aesthetic Wooden Flair 

The third most popular wedding photo booth in 2022 will be the ones with wooden aesthetics. These glamorous booths are a great choice for boho and rustic theme weddings. Going in 2022, if you want your wedding to be the talk of the town, you have to make bold choices and add unique things that people haven’t seen before. 

Therefore, we recommend reaching out for a wedding photo booth rental to confirm them as it may sell out quickly because of its uniqueness. 

Continuing on the topic of wedding trends, here are some tips you can include to make your wedding exclusive.

Other Wedding Trends to Follow

We all know colors are a great way to express ourselves – and for weddings in 2022, it is time to go bold with colors like burgundy, forest green, and other dark tones. Pastel is a great color pallet if you plan to have a wedding in the summer.

Another thing predicted for 2022 weddings is to keep everything simple. A minimalistic choice will be preferred over making a grand style. Inviting hundreds of people isn’t going to be in trend to make your event memorable, but a micro-wedding approach is what you need.

We hope you found amazing ideas with our blog post to plan a wedding people will remember!

To know more about the latest wedding trends and ideas for photo booth rental in Nashville, move on to our next section, where we answer the questions from the excited brides and wedding planners.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is photo booth still a thing?

Surely the photo booth popularity took a hit in past years, but they are coming back in 2022. The advancement in technology like glam cams or 360 videos has definitely raised the demand for photo booth rental in Nashville, especially for the events like weddings.

  1. Where do you put photo booth at wedding?

The best place to keep the photobooths is at the back or end of the hall. If it is an open area wedding, try to keep it away from the head table. This way, if someone wants to use the photo booth, they won’t interrupt the other activities at the reception.

  1. When should you do a photo booth at a wedding?

Photobooth is great entertainment for the guests, but you do not want it to interrupt your main event. Therefore, you must know when is the right time to open it for your guests. The best times we suggest are after a formal program, cocktail hours, or even between the dinner.

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