Maverick A. Thomas has always been a game lover since infancy. My love for games started at age six ( 6 ), when my father brought home my first game console ever, and that day little Maverick did not sleep. Throughout my sleepless night that day, I was figuring out how to operate my first lover.

Going through my game, I found multiple cartridges that I could play along with. There were game categories such as solitaire games, card games, puzzle games, and many more. While enjoying the games on my console, I later became addicted to games like Free Cell Christmas, Ace of Spades, Pyramid, Alibaba, Vegas Poker, and Daily Maze.

My love for these games never died as I grew up, but the problem I had as a game lover was that I had to keep buying new cartridges, fixing consoles, and changing consoles over time. The good news is that I finally came across a platform called Solitaire that allows me to play games without paying money. The juicy part is that I can play as many games as I want without paying a dime.

Furthermore, the platform is ad-free, so there is no disruption when playing games. The last juicy part of this platform is that it introduced me to new games and gave me instructions on how to play each one, making it easier for me to try out new games.

Since I started playing games on this platform, I have been able to save money since I don’t have to buy new consoles and cartridges anymore, and I also have a new set of favorite games added to the ones I already enjoy playing most, and they are Wild West Klondike, Glow, and Trifruit.

My problems are now solved when it comes to gaming, all thanks to Solitaire.

Lizza Bee
lizza Bee has 3 years of experience in a professional content writer. she keen to write and share ideas about Home Decor, and Fashion.

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