Makeup To Became Panda Doll In Halloween Party

What’s up guys? It’s finally Halloween season I partnered with Simple Skincare to show you two transformations today. Halloween can be a scary time for your skin But Simple’s products allow me to make up for all my makeup by putting the good ingredients back into my skin especially when playing around with kooky looks like these Alright so without further ado, let’s turn into a panda! My skin is already clean and moisturized but I’m gonna add a primer because I want that face paint to be as smooth as possible. The peoples will call you by the Necromancer names or Lalafell names.

I’m using this one by Tarte, but there’s a ton of other great drugstore options you can use as well! Now grabbing NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean I’m gonna start drawing in a circular shape around my eyes. I’m going to take my time with this because I wanna be careful & precise as I can. Once you have that circle down, I’m gonna draw a little extension on the end Because panda eyes tend to have that little droop there.

Once that’s done, go ahead and replicate that onto the other eye Once you have two circular shapes, you’re gonna go off & start coloring it all in. It’s totally fine to be messy because we’re gonna set it down with an eyeshadow anyway. Once you’re done coloring, I’m gonna grab this black sparkly eye shadow from May beltline Then with a brush I’m just gonna start packing down where we did the eyeliner.

This is going to make the black more opaque and it’s gonna add a little sparkle So no complaints here! Once you’re done let’s grab that face paint and with my fingers, I’m just gonna start applying this on to my face. I tried using a brush with this but I quickly found out that it applies best with your fingers. Now I’m just going to quickly touch up around the eyes so I can neaten that all up! Alright, let’s tackle that nose now I’m basically just outlining the top of my nose giving it that cute bear-like nose Then with the same eyeliner I’m gonna apply it onto my lips cos I’m trying to be resourceful. So I messed up a little on the nose mouth connector so I just grabbed a Simple wipe and I redid that section so that it’s just a clean line instead of that weird triangle thing I did.

Ahh, much better! Now I’m just going to finish this off by tight lining using Revlon’s Colorstay eyeliner So just pop on that panda hat and you’re ready to roam around like a little bear! This is such an easy and cute costume to rock this year. Who doesn’t love pandas? So I’m gonna get started on my second look now and I’m gonna need to take this all off. I’m grabbing Simple’s Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover as my first step And I’m gonna shake that bottle because this is a bi-phase formula. Also, check- Rogue names

I drenched my cotton round and then I’m gonna gently press it onto my eye There’s no need for harsh rubbing. It just dissolves the makeup while being gentle on the skin and lashes. Seriously look at these cotton rounds! They’re totally black! Now that my eyes are clean, I’m gonna go ahead and use Simple’s Hydrating Cleansing Oil for the rest of my face. I’m gonna apply it directly onto my dry skin. I’m gonna start rubbing it in and the formula is gonna start acting immediately.

Add a little bit of water to really get it going and then rinse with warm water! Now my skin is clean and instantly hydrated as you can see. So I’m just gonna get started on my second transformation. For foundation I’m using Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation I’m gonna dot this across my face. I used a foundation shade a little lighter than my natural skin tone because I wanted that milky porcelain base. I’m gonna set that by using a powder.

I’m using this one from Nars, but you can definitely use a translucent powder from the drugstore. Next up, we’re gonna draw on the brows. I’m using this one by Benefit and I’m just gonna start drawing them in like I normally do. This doesn’t have to be too perfect because believe me when you have this look at the last thing people are gonna notice are your brows. I’m using NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and I’m gonna apply that all over the lid This is gonna be your much-needed base Now I’m gonna bust out my trusty Lorac Pro palette.

This guy has definitely seen better days. I’m going to grab White and then I’m gonna pop that on where we applied the white base Then using Sable, I’m gonna apply it right over the white to give myself a larger crease Then with a fluffier brush I’m going to blend, blend, blend until it looks seamless To add more dimension I’m using Espresso which is a dark brown and I’m gonna pop that on to the outer crease just to deepen the eyes and then we’re done! I’m grabbing Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner and I’m gonna start drawing in a super sharp wing to both eyes There’s nothing subtle about this look.

Then I’m gonna grab some black eye shadow and with a smudge brush, I’m gonna give myself a cut crease to make my eyes more doll-like. It might look a little harsh like this, so make sure you give it a good ole blend before you move on. Let’s widen those eyes even more by using Milk and tight lining the entire lower eye This is an illusion that’s gonna make your eyes look like they begin here now. Next, up to grab your liquid liner and draw in your new eye shape.

Make sure to use a light hand with this and if it’s not perfect, it’s okay because we’re gonna draw on some fake lashes which are gonna hide any imperfections you made. Now feel free to add some mascara or you can be like me and pop on some falsies. I’m using Elf’s Warm Bronzer palette and I’m gonna start brushing on some cheekbones I wanna make them really pop! Then I’m gonna drag some of that bronzer onto the apples of my cheeks to make them more circular and doll-like.

Then to finish off the contour, I’m going to do my nose and make it more narrow. For blush, I’m using this Blush Quad from Elf and I’m using this bright pink tone on the top left I’m gonna be very generous with this. Dolls usually have bright cheeks so that’s what I’m gonna do. I gotta have my glow so I’m using Becca’s Champagne Pop and I’m gonna dust this all over the top of my cheeks and this is gonna give me that plastic sheen.

For my lip color, I’m using Poppy Peach and I’m applying that all over the lips to match my blush So the makeup is done but now it’s the moment of truth: the CRACKED portion! Using the same liquid liner, I’m gonna dive in by drawing in the first crack on my face. The first crack is nerve-racking but the trick is just to relax and realize that it looks better when the lines aren’t too perfect. When you look at shattered glass you’ll notice that it roots from one focal point so once you figure out where that is start making smaller lines that connect to the larger ones. Have a photo of some cracked glass or feel free to use this tutorial to have on hand if you need any extra help placing the cracks.

Next, I’m just gonna start shading some of the lines to make it pop & amp; give it more definition. Alright, I’m going to grab this white eyeliner fromToo Faced and I’m gonna outline some of the cracks only on one side. This is gonna make the entire look pop and make it look even more 3D. You don’t have to be too meticulous with this because this is just an optical illusion and it’s gonna look best from far away anyway! So this is what you should look like: cracked, shattered & totally awesome! Alright, guys that were my take on 2 Halloween looks. I wanted to do one cute one and one creepy one just to give you some variety.

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