Because I’ve been a cosmetics enthusiast since I was 11 years old, I can accomplish a lot of things without even opening my eyes. Improve your naturally bushy brows? Tick. Get the perfect red lip? Check. Despite the urban legend that liquid eyeliner can detect fear, it would never cross my path.

These are some very thick looks for applying makeup. While I’m really good at achieving a full face, the one cosmetic trend I’ve yet to master is the more natural look. I’d want it to seem natural, like I made no effort. But it appears to require a lot of expertise to mix concealer, create a subtle contour, and thicken my lashes.

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I felt I could trust the experts at the Trish McEvoy counter at London’s Selfridges to teach me what I needed to know. This is a long-standing company, in the same vein as Bobbi Brown and Kevyn Aucoin. The fact that it has endured in the face of so many newer, flashier beauty trends is evidence of its enduring cult status. The picture of Trish that comes to mind is one of glowing cheekbones, healthy-looking skin, arched brows, and glossy lips.

Do not expect to avoid getting your hands filthy if you enlist Trish’s team of cosmetics gurus for assistance. Sara, my artist, surprised me by just doing half my face and leaving the rest to me. The knowledge I gained on how to make my makeup seem the most natural was priceless. In addition, these days, I can get ready in under ten minutes flat, thanks to my new go-to, easy style, and that means I no longer have to brave the early morning hours to do so.

All the secrets to effortless, natural makeup that lasts all day are revealed here.

Always start with skincare

Makeup, no matter how light, won’t stay on without proper skincare beforehand. I came in with freshly washed face, and Sara, the makeup artist, recommended the Beauty Booster Eye Serum (£70) to fill in any fine wrinkles and moisturize my dry under-eyes, where concealer always seems to cake. I find that eye cream makes my makeup slide around, therefore I’d rather use a serum instead. My favourite low-cost eye serum is L’Oréal Paris’ Revitalift Filler Eye Serum, which retails for £24.99 but is now on sale at Boots for just £16.66. Because of how quickly and easily this serum absorbs, you may use it as a touch-up even if you have already applied makeup.

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After that, we slathered ourselves in the £68 Beauty Booster Cream, which serves as a moisturizer, primer, and moisturizing mask all in one. It leaves skin looking dewy and adheres to makeup like Velcro. You may also try The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA for £5, or the Glossier Priming Moisturizer for £20.

Never Put Concealer on Your Eyelids

Never use concealer or foundation on your eyelids as a primer. Applying concealer to your eyelids will destroy your eye makeup and highlight any fine lines you may have. However, putting concealer beneath your eyes is a terrific technique to cover up dark circles and under-eye bags.

Choose an eye base over concealer

“Sara informed me, “Here at Trish, we usually begin with the eyes, so the first step is the Jumbo Eye Base Essentials ($51). This may be thought of as a concealer for the lids of your eyes. You can either cover it up with makeup or just let it be.” I skipped eyeshadow for convenience, and the contrast between using that and just the Base was striking. It covered the straggly areas beneath my eyebrows that I was too lazy to pluck before my appointment, and it lightened my eyes, which may seem dark due to discoloration (especially in the inner corner). Unlike concealer, which may exaggerate wrinkles and seem chalky, this substance would go undetected. Try the £7.99 KIKO MILANO Neutral Eye Base if you’re on a tighter budget.

Match Lip Colour with Cheeks

You’ll have a beautiful, put-together, and totally natural look when your lip colour matches your cheeks. Your favourite lip crayon may be easily transformed into a cream blush, so you can get the look without investing in a multi-use product. Simply dab some onto the back of your palm and smooth it out over your cheeks with your finger.

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Try a liner and gloss combo

Sara would normally recommend a little dab of lip balm, but I was going for a more defined look and so went with my regular lip liner. Long Wear Lip Liner in Barely There cost us just $22, but any neutral shade that complements your complexion will do. “Sara suggested beginning in the middle of your upper lip and working your way up to your bow, adding, “Repeat on the other side.” “Always begin lining the lip’s bottom in the middle. To soften the liner and make it more manageable, all you need is a little, fluffy brush. You may finish off your natural appearance with just a touch of nude gloss in the centre.

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