Jazzy Distefano: 7 Fun-Facts About Chris Distefano’s Girlfriend!


Chris Distefano (you may know him as “the cute guy from MTV’s Are You The One”) has been dating actress and model Jazzy De Stefano for about a year now. And while the two have yet to share any photos of their romance on social media, the pair have taken many romantic getaways together over the past few months. So what do we know about this gorgeous gal? Well, here are seven fun facts you might not have known about Chris’ girlfriend:

1. She Just Got Engaged!

You may be wondering, where did Chris Distefano and Jazzy DeStefano meet? Well, they actually met on Instagram. It was love at first sight! How romantic!

In fact, the two have been dating for less than one year. They’re quite new to each other but it’s clear that their chemistry is off the charts. Both are very fun people to be around and enjoy all of life’s pleasures together (especially when those pleasures involve eating tacos).

Jazzy wants you all to know that she loves her family but they’re not crazy about her new boyfriend yet: “I don’t think they’ve met him yet… I’m still waiting for them to meet him,” she said in a recent interview with E!.

2. She’s an Actress and Model!

Jazzy has a degree in acting from Loyola Marymount University. She’s also a model, having done print ads for companies like Victorias Secret and Bendon lingerie. Jazzy is also a dancer who has appeared in music videos by artists like Miley Cyrus and Machine Gun Kelly.

It seems that since her relationship with Chris Distefano became public knowledge, Jazzy has been working nonstop to promote it on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She shared various photos of herself with Chris on these platforms and even posted some photos of her kissing him at events where they were attending together—such as the 2018 Met Gala!

3. She Is an Artist

Jazzy is an artist who paints and draws for fun.

Her creativity makes her a unique person with many interests, which keeps her interesting to Chris.

4. Her Real Name is Jazzy!

She has a younger sister named Jade, and they both have the same father. But while Jade has taken on her mother’s name as her last name, Jasmine went with the nickname she had been given by her family. We think it fits her perfectly!

She was born Jasmine but goes by Jazzy to avoid confusing people with another actress who also has a similar name. “I don’t like being confused for other people, so I just changed it to Jazzy because my mom used to call me that when I was little and it stuck with me ever since then,” she told M Magazine in 2018.

5. She Used to Work in a Convenience Store

Before she was an actress and comedian, Jazzy worked at a convenience store. She was a cashier for about a year.

She loved working there, but she wanted to move on to something else.

6. Her Mom Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May 2017, but is Now in Remission!

In May 2017, Distefano’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, she is now in remission. In an interview with People magazine, Jazzy revealed that her family has a history of breast cancer—her grandmother and three aunts were all diagnosed as well.

“I’ve always been an advocate for early detection,” Jazzy said in the interview with People magazine about the importance of knowing your body and being aware of your health. “If you feel something different … go get it checked out.”

In fact, Distefano’s mother is a breast cancer survivor herself—and so are two other women on her mom’s side of the family!

7. They Met on Instagram (and it may have been Fate!)

  • They met on Instagram.
  • They were both in relationships at the time.
  • They had mutual friends and were both in New York City at the same time.
  • Chris and Jazzy are both single now, so this could very well be love!

Chris and Jazzy are engaged and we’re so happy for them!

Chris and Jazzy met in May 2019. They have been dating since, but only publicly announced their relationship on Instagram. Both are artists in the entertainment business, and they often post photos together on social media.

Jazzy is a model and actress who was born in New Jersey and lives in Los Angeles, California. She has an incredibly large family of siblings, who she is very close to (she even got her sister a job at Disney!).


We hope you enjoyed learning more about the lovely Jazzy Distefano. Here’s to many happy years together for this beautiful couple!

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