Indian Visa For Spanish & Sweden Citizens

Obtaining an Indian Visa for Sweden Citizens is easier than you might think. It can be procured online and you can pay in any of 135 currencies. A few minutes are all it takes to acquire this visa. Make sure you use a convenient method to make your payment. After a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to your new country! Read on to learn more. After you have all the necessary documents, it’s time to start the application process.

Documents required for Schengen visa

As of May 16, 2016, biometric data for Indian Visa for Spanish Citizens & Swedish citizens is submitted to the Schengen Information System (VIS). This system is used to track applicants, including those with criminal records. If you have a prior Schengen visa, you may use this document to expedite your application. You will need to attach two recent photos. Those photos must be taken within the last three months. Your passport must be valid for at least three months past your intended date of departure. Your round-trip flight reservation must include flight numbers. Consultation services will handle most of the requirements for you.

If you are applying for a Schengen visa for a spouse or partner, you will need to provide a valid photo of them, a recent passport-size colour photo, preferably facing forward. You will also need to provide a bank statement for the past three months, or a combination of both. You must also present proof that you have paid the visa fee (EUR80 for adults and EUR45 for children six to 12 years old). Depending on your employment status, you may need to provide additional documents.

Applicants must also have an affidavit of support from a friend or relative who is residing in the Schengen country. They must also present the original of this document to the visa office. Another document required for the application is a travel itinerary, including the purpose of the trip, time frame, and personal dates. Hotel reservations and a formal invitation letter from a resident of a Schengen country must also be included.

Application process

The Indian visa application process is relatively simple. You can apply for it online at an Indian visa agency’s website. You will then need to provide your passport, payment method, and email address. The online process will usually take between two and four business days, depending on the documentation requirements. Once your visa application is complete, you will receive an e-mail stating whether you have been granted the visa or not.

In addition to filling out an online application form, you must provide your biometric details, and attend a brief interview. In addition, if you have not yet paid the visa fees, you must do so at your appointment. Certain applicants will receive a fee reduction, but most Indian students will have to pay the fee. To find out more about the Schengen visa process, read on. Once you have applied, you should expect to receive your Schengen visa within two weeks or less.

Swedish citizens who wish to visit India may apply for an electronic visa to the Indian government. This visa allows you to visit the country for tourism, sightseeing, or meeting friends or relatives. You can even pursue a short course or yoga program. The eVisa is valid for one year and allows multiple entry into India. Once approved, your visa will be ready to print and present to immigration officers in any airport.


A Swedish or a Spanish citizen need not pay the Indian Visa for Sweden or Spain fee if they are travelling by cruise ship. This is because they are required to have two blank pages in their passport. You can use any of 135 currencies to pay. Swedish citizens can acquire an Indian Visa online without paying a visa fee. The fee is payable online and the process is quick and easy. You can pay with your preferred currency at the time of application.

You can apply for an Indian Visa for Spain or Sweden online and get the application process done in a few minutes. Unlike the traditional visa application process, it eliminates many paper forms. You can upload your photo and bio data page right on the online application form. You can also email them to a customer support representative and upload them later. The fee for an Indian Visa for Spanish or Sweden citizens is only €15.

You can make an appointment with the appropriate Schengen visa authority in India to obtain the necessary documents. It is best to make the appointment at least 3 months before your departure. In case you do not have a flight reservation, you can present an Indian national ID card or a valid residence permit. A travel insurance company in India should meet the requirements of the Schengen visa and have the right kind of coverage for Indian citizens. The company should provide a cover letter that clearly states the purpose of your visit.

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