How to Hide Your Belly with Some Fabulous Clothes?

Did you know that the USA tops the list of the most obese nations in the world?

For us women in our perimenopause or after the onset of menopause, weight gain is usually on the belly. You will begin developing the characteristics of an apple-shaped body shape. After that, you wouldn’t look very flattering if you continue to flaunt the same wardrobe. Thankfully, there are plenty of clever dressing hacks to divert focus from your belly. Compromise on nothing less but looking stunning!

The right choice of outfits and cuts, whether it is casual dresses for women or formal, can make you look just the way you like. Use your aesthetic sense to choose clothes, which conceal or distract focus from your belly. If you have subscribed to Spectrum internet, you can explore all your outfit possibilities.


Say No to Clingy and Tight Outfits

Don’t wear garments, which tighten your belly. You can choose tops with draping or ruching. Since we are focusing on highlighting your strengths, it’s best if you don’t wear tight tops altogether. You don’t want to accentuate that fat bubble. Instead, you need to wear something attractive to draw attention away from it. V-neck blouses are perfect to make you look flattering. Choose the ones with the waistband right below your bust instead of the waist.

Hiding your belly with the right top is one of the effortless dressing solutions. Consider browsing some quality clothing stores and try on some good picks. Try a crossover top that can create asymmetrical vertical lines on your belly for an extra bonus. You can also get draped tees and crossover ruffled blouses.

Try Long Cardigans, Ponchos, and Jackets

Talking of creating vertical lines, layering is an effective solution. Especially in winter, it can effortlessly disguise your belly. Get your hands on a few cardigans, jackets, coats, and ponchos. For instance, a long double-breasted coat is a great pick. Choose button embellishments, which are elegant and catchy such as intricate gold buttons to draw focus to them. Wearing a striped top underneath or long shoes in bright hues is a great idea. Becoming a layering pro will not only conceal your belly but will also keep you warm on those chilly days.

You can achieve the same look with a jacket or a cardigan. Straight or waterfall designs can create a neat vertical line. It will essentially create an illusion of length and the focus from your belly will be distracted. You can also pair a cardigan with a floral dress to hide your belly.

Another layering hack is to hide your belly with a short jacket. Pop a chic biker jacket over a long top to confuse the eye with varied lengths. However, stick more to the longer your coats and cardigans. The longer they are, the leaner you will look.

Befriend layering! It is going to make you look slimmer.

Pair long, Draped, and Asymmetrical Tops with Skinnies or Leggings

Stretchy pants or leggings, which you can tuck in your tummy, will look great. They are comfy and tucking them in will make your belly look flatter. You have dozens of options in tunics and tops to pair with your leggings and your belly will go unnoticed. You can also pull off a long tunic-style blouse or a collared blouse with slim jeans. Try to buy solid yet stretchy fabric for good fitting. High-waisted jeggings or leggings are also a great idea to keep the belly tucked in. Asymmetrical sweaters and tops can make the hero pieces of your wardrobe. And leggings will make them stand out.

Make some effort to collect the right accessories such as catchy earrings, headbands, or statement choker to draw attention to them.

Belt a Little Higher

Wearing accessories like belts right on top of the tummy will emphasize it. Instead, belt a little higher, and wear a coat, a cardigan, or a top. Don’t avoid belts altogether, rather use them to focus in the right place. Making them sit a little higher will avoid drawing attention to the widest point, your belly!

Combining patterned tops with plain pants is the right hack to take the attention away from your belly. Complete the look by wearing a jacket on top of the belted top. Belt your outfit at the most flattering point.

Don’t Tuck In Your Tops

Whilst wearing tops over pants or skirts, don’t tuck them in. Tucking easily draws attention to your waist and tummy so you should avoid it. The best practice would be leaving your tops outside your pants or skirt. Pair a sleeveless vest with pants and keep it untucked to create lean lines on the belly. Wear a long tassel necklace to complete the look.

Moreover, pay attention to maintain the overall balance. If you leave your top at your bottom (the widest point) that will also look quite unflattering. You can also flaunt a shorter top paired with a straight long jacket or cardigan.

Consider Using Shapewear

As you enter your fourth decade, it’s wise to explore quality shapewear brands. Shapewear that tucks the tummy in and goes on hold your thighs tightly can make you look leaner. Your clothes will sit better on you with the shapewear on. Some people find it uncomfortable which is why we insisted on exploring quality brands. You can only wear them on special occasions if you still find them uncomfy.

Highlight Your Assets

Whilst you are focusing on hiding your belly, don’t forget about your strengths. Yes, you may not be confident about your tummy but you have your other assets to flaunt.

Shift the focus cleverly to the body parts you love. You can draw attention to your bust and show off some cleavage with a V-neck blouse. Or you can shift focus to your slim ankles by wearing the right shoes. Also, you can showcase your toned legs by pulling off some nice formal pants for women. Focus on your strengths and it will automatically take attention away from your belly.

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