How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

You’ve finally made it! You’ve finally met your match. (No, the dress you’ll be marrying in.) Putting on the finishing touches is the next step. It’s not necessary to let the thought of choosing your wedding jewellery paralyses you. Bridal stylist Lauren Hartman explains that the bride’s personal touches, including jewellery and accessories, really make the dress her own. As one customer put it, “They truly provide that personal touch.”

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Wedding Jewelry Tips

Find your comfort zone—then push it. 

While you may not wear a wedding gown on the regular, you probably have more experience with jewellery. Use your tried-and-true methods and signature style as the foundation for your wedding day ensemble. “Let’s not utilize your wedding day as the first time you pull out a statement earring,” suggests Hartman if you never wear earrings.

Instead, focus on amplifying the parts you already love. Never leave the house without your stud? Look for one with numerous stones and more formal language. Are you a fan of a nice stack of arm candy? Put on two similar bracelets with more glimmer. Another option is to recall ensembles you’ve worn and enjoyed to prior formal events, including friends’ or family members’ weddings, and choose jewellery that is in keeping with those looks.

Don’t worry about perfectly matching your rings. 

Because they will be worn every day of your married life, the engagement ring and wedding band should foreshadow the aesthetic you want to carry through the remainder of your wedding jewellery. Having stated that, exact uniformity is not required. For example, if your engagement ring is an emerald cut, you don’t have to match it with emerald-cut diamond earrings. In addition, there is no need for an exact metal match. “Just because you have a platinum engagement ring doesn’t mean you can’t wear gold everywhere else on your wedding day,” explains wedding expert Olivia Hartman. Choose your actions with purpose.

Build-in sentimental pieces from the beginning. 

There is no need for your grandmother’s pearls or your beloved aunt’s bangles to seem like an afterthought just because they are “something borrowed.” Hartman recommends taking a specific jewellery item you know you’ll want to wear dress shopping so there’s no chance of it clashing.

Match your necklace to your neckline. 

Hartman suggests going for a necklace that is a shade or two darker than your neckline as a safe bet. A choker or a statement necklace are preferable choices for strapless or sweetheart necklines, while a pendant looks great with a V-neck. If there is flesh visible at the neck, the necklace should rest on your skin, not the clothing.

The most beautiful bridal jewellery to wear on your big day and beyond

The jewellery and other accessories a woman chooses to wear on her wedding day may be just as meaningful as the dress she wears. This is because jewellery can instantly elevate an outfit and serve as a tangible reminder of special moments. Regardless of the jewellery you choose for your wedding day, you can be certain that it will become a treasured keepsake and an ever-present memory of that once-in-a-lifetime event.

There has never been a more glorious time to be a bride, and if you are searching for the ideal accessory to complete your wedding ensemble, you are in luck. There is less of an expectation that all brides should dress similarly, thanks to the current trend toward individualization in the wedding business.

The epidemic and the subsequent decrease in wedding size further exacerbated a trend that was already popular before it: brides ditching the conventional wedding dress in favour of something more contemporary or informal. The increased focus on environmental consciousness and ethical purchasing has made wedding dress much more adaptable than in the past.

Below, follow our guide to the most beautiful jewels out there fit for a wedding day, from traditional to contemporary brands.

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There’s no need to be shy about adding some extra glitz to your ensemble, even though the focus should rightfully be on your engagement and wedding rings. Adding a touch of class by stacking a few little rings or making a bold fashion statement with a cocktail ring is a great idea in our book. The new wedding collection by Scandinavian jeweller Sophie Bille Brahe, which takes her cues from love letters, is also shown above and was a big inspiration for our selections from Harry Winston, Monica Vinader, and Tiffany & Co.


Earrings are a terrific way to accessorise your wedding appearance and offer a touch of individuality. Whether you want to go for a more minimal look with loose curls or a more glamorous updo, the perfect earrings will set off your whole look.

Choose from Chanel and De Beers-style tiny studs that catch the light with ease, or choose for a more ostentatious set from Mateo and Swarovski. Many women have more than one wedding dress, so why not treat your jewellery the same way? The nighttime festivities are when everyone can really let their hair down.


Vrai’s subtle, understated style is ideal if you’re looking for something to complement a more elaborate heritage. If you use gold as part of your everyday wardrobe, Cartier’s Love necklace is the perfect accessory for your wedding day. You could also switch things up by purchasing the Completedworks statement pearl choker, which is made out of white freshwater pearls and pear-cut crystals.

Keep in mind that there are other, more responsible choices available to you; for example, we think it’s fantastic that you’re planning to wear antique jewellery on your wedding day. This stunning pre-owned Hermés necklace is an excellent option for the environmentally conscious shopper, as are companies that use lab-grown diamonds.


What you wear on your wedding day should represent your own style, whether that’s a penchant for small bracelets or a preference for massive display jewellery.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid to combine two designs by mixing and stacking your arm candy; for example, we think the delicate diamond bracelet by Kima and the classic Alhambra bracelet by Van Cleef & Arpels would look great together.

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