Different Types Of Swimsuits

There’s a huge variety of swimsuits to choose from, so it’s important to think about what kind of swimsuit you’re looking for before you get to the store. There are several types of swimsuits that can help you achieve your desired look and comfort level. Here’s what you need to know about each style:

Bikini Tops

Swimsuit tops come in many different styles and should be chosen based on your personal preference and body type. Bikini tops are composed of a halter, strapless or criss-cross design that provides support for the bust while still being comfortable to wear. Tummy control swimwear is also available to help reduce any bulges that may occur when wearing a bikini top.

Bikini Bottoms

If you’re the type who enjoys showing off a bit of leg, then bikini bottoms are just for you. Bikini bottoms are the most popular style for women’s swimwear. They come in all sorts of styles, from high-cut to low-cut and even cheeky and thong styles.

Swimsuits with knee-length skirts tend to be more modest than those that go straight across the hips or lower down over them. However, if you want something that covers more skin while still being chic, then shorter skirts may be right up your alley.


Tankinis are the most popular style of swimsuit and come in a variety of styles. This type of suit is a combination of a bikini top and a tank top, which means that you can choose to wear it with or without straps.

Tankinis allow you to show off your belly (if you want to) or hide it, depending on how high up you wear the bottoms (the area above your belly button). These two-piece suits are also great for women who have children as they provide support during breastfeeding.

Tummy control swimwear is designed specifically for women who need extra help with their tummies while they’re swimming. Tummy control swimsuits typically have built-in pads that give extra support and lift in all the right places, helping keep everything contained, so there’s less chance of having an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while in public.


Cover-ups are the perfect way to cover up at the beach or pool. They can be worn over a swimsuit or bathing suit, and many of them have long sleeves, so you won’t have to worry about exposing your arms if there’s a breeze. Cover-ups made from lightweight materials such as linen and cotton are best for hot weather.


One-pieces are the most conservative option, and they’re also the most comfortable. This is because they have no straps to dig into your shoulders or hips, no strings that can come undone, and no material to ride up or get in the way of your swim strokes. They’re also more versatile than two-piece suits: with a one-piece on, you can wear any top underneath a camisole or t-shirt, tankini top, or strapless bra without having to worry about how it will look under the suit.

This article will aid you in deciding which swimsuit will work best for you. You can also check out other articles about the different types of swimwear, including one-pieces, bikinis and tankinis to find what’s right for your body type.

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