Smart Solution To Get Check Of Brushed Nickel Vs Satin Nickel

Yes! you are wondering for a Smart solution to get a check of brush Brushed Nickel Vs Satin Nickel. However, The earth has numerous metals in its crust that we use to make millions of accessories & gadgets or perhaps more.

The metals found in the earth’s crust often have different or we say unique composition, depending upon the origin. In this article, we will also talk about one naturally occurring metal and i.e. Nickel. With the lustrous appearance, Nickel is hard & ductile and belongs to the category of transition metals. Just like other metals, Nickel can also be finished by different methods and the most popular ones to differentiate are brushed nickel vs satin nickel.



Before moving further, lets us take a brief look at some of the properties of Nickel. With atomic number 28 & symbol Ni, nickel is one of the four metals having a ferromagnetic property at room temperature. The other four are cobalt, iron, & gadolinium. This element is also admired for being a good conductor of heat and electricity.


Some facts say that Nickel is on the fifth number for being the most abundant metal in Earth’s crust. If we talk about the inner core of Earth, then nickel is on the second position after iron. Talking about the statistics, the melting point of this element is also on the higher side i.e. 1,455 degrees Celsius while the boiling point is 2,730 degrees Celsius.


Nickel plays an important role in the production of various industrial and consumer goods. It has numerous uses which include manufacturing of alnico magnets, rechargeable batteries, plumbing accessories, strings of a guitar, military weapons, and for making alloys. Besides, nickel is also required for giving green tint in glass. Above all, The main use of this element is as alloy metal in nickel cast iron and nickel steel. The primary reason for its use as the alloy is that it has the ability to enhance the strength and durability of the product.

As we have discussed above, brushed nickel vs satin nickel is an important point to consider. We will see it in detail below.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed Nickel

This name is given to this metal due to the process it is finished. The term ‘brushed’ is referred to as the method of processing. This is the reason why brushed nickel vs satin nickel is always compared, as they both are differentiated according to the method of processing. Brushed nickel often has a roughened or lustrous look that delivers uniqueness to this variety When you compared to other options the Brushed nickel will be the one which has a roughened or lustrous look that delivers uniqueness to this variety. In other words, we can say that this finish gives a semi-glossy appearance.

1. How To Maintain Brushed Nickel

Being vulnerable to showing dirt spots, brushed nickel requires regular cleaning. This can be done by wiping the accessory or plumbing unit with the help of a soft clean cloth. However, Regular cleaning will maintain its natural appearance and enhance the life of the product.

2. The Process

However, The process by which brushed nickel is finished is by etching with the help of a wire brush or similar tool to give the desired look to the workpiece. Moreover, it is the key to this process is uniformity by which etching is done. Above all, The uniformity of the process will only be decided by the appearance and quality of the end product. Brushed nickel delivers its distinct appearance especially when light or shadow falls over the product. Similarly, It won’t be wrong to say that the look is truly mesmerizing.

Finally, In the face-off of brushed nickel vs satin nickel, it is really difficult to decide which one is the best.

3. Uses Of Brushed Nickel

As per the research, brushed nickel is a type of metal finish that is applied over other metals. In other words, it is most popular for plumbing accessories, bathroom fittings, doorknobs, kitchen cabinets & faucets, and lighting fixtures. Besides, it can also be used for luxury fittings required in hotels and premium housing apartments.

4. Characteristics Of Brushed Nickel

Moreover, Brushed nickel finish can give golden to nearly white tone to the workpieces. This property of brushed nickel makes it advantageous over other kinds of finish. Apart from this, this finish can also create a variety of colors and finishes that will make you stunned.

Therefore, In this game of brushed nickel vs satin nickel, we’ve covered brushed nickel; now let us see what satin nickel has got for you.

Satin Nickel

Satin Nickel

Satin nickel finish is often said to be applied mostly over a brass base but has also been used for many other metal accessories as well. In the comparison of brushed nickel vs satin nickel, this variety delivers a refined look to the place where to be used. Satin nickel is also a finish that is applied over accessories just liked brushed nickel.

1. The Maintenance

Satin nickel finish is said to be easy to care as compared to the former that we have discussed brushed nickel). Though it does not easily show fingerprints or water spots, yet regular cleaning with a soft cloth is recommended for maintaining long-lasting shine. A combination of mild soap and water can also be used to prevent damage to the appearance done by oxidation.

2. The Process

The most common method of applying satin finish to brass metal is by electrolysis which is then followed by lacquer treatment. Similarly, The reason why lacquer treatment is done is to deliver dull appearance and kill the shine. The appearances are the primary reason how we can answer brushed nickel vs satin nickel.

3. Uses Of Satin Nickel

Firstly, The key application of satin nickel finish is for hardware accessories, bathroom fittings, industrial machine parts, medical instruments, and showpieces as well. Secondly, The appearance satin nickel delivers is unique in itself; this is the reason why we said above that it is difficult to decide which one is better in brushed nickel vs satin nickel face-off.

4. Characteristics

Above all, Satin nickel finish is highly appreciated for delivering amazing silvery tone and hues that change according to the lighting conditions. You can also get a dark look apart from the silver finish to provide an antique look to the workpiece. It is also popular for electronic locks as it delivers royal & tempting appearance to the hardware.

Now we will put both the finish types together and compare Brushed Nickel Vs Satin Nickel by the comparison between them.

Brushed Nickel Vs Satin Nickel

Brushed Nickel Satin Nickel
Delivers lustrous appearance to the workpiece is applied. It gives a slightly dull look to the hardware with a vintage appearance.
The process of application is etching which is achieved by the use of a wire brush. Satin nickel finish is given by electrolysis and lacquer treatment.
It is less expensive when compared to other metal finishing. Satin Nickel plating is a bit expensive than brushed one.
Water spots are visible and even tiniest of scratches can be seen due to luster. Hides fingerprints, water spots, and scratches.
It can be used on bathroom fittings, kitchen cabinets, door pulls, machine parts, etc. This type of finish is best to be used on zinc or brass faucets, electronic locks, door levers, bathroom fittings, etc.


In conclusion, After reading this article you might have got a good idea about brushed nickel vs satin nickel. These two are not the varieties of nickel-metal rather they are different kinds of plating or finish that are applied over metal products. In other words, it is the reason why these finishes are applied is to enhance the durability, strength, and aesthetics of that particular item. You will also see different options of colors or shades in both brushed and satin nickel plating. This means both of these varieties give an array of options for consumers to choose from.

So, never get confused between the type of metal and metal plating. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve gained some information as well. 

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