Why not start an indoor garden if you have no place to put one outside, wish to eat your greens year-round, or simply like being in the company of plants?

The design elements of your indoor garden will be influenced by your desired aesthetic, your gardening expertise, your plants’ intended use, and the environmental constraints you must work within.

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Lost for words? Need some inspiration? Here are some unique options for cultivating a garden inside.

Indoor Greenhouse

You want to construct an indoor jungle but you’re not sure whether the circumstances would be right for tropical plants. A glass cabinet, such as this one from IKEA, might serve as the basis for an indoor greenhouse packed with lush greenery. You’ll have complete command over the environment’s temperature, lighting, and moisture levels.

Decorative Water Propagation Wall

Why not use the tried-and-true technique of water propagation to grow new plants from cuttings, whether to add to your own collection or to give as gifts?

Make room on a shelf for your cuttings and show them off in attractive glass jars. To hasten the process of rooting the cuttings, you should replace the water once a week and set up grow lights on the shelf above.

Matching Decor

A vividly coloured Monstera plant cushion is just one example of the home’s colourful furnishings that the residents of this hip Maryland pad sought to include to complement their plants. It’s a sweet compromise between all the disparate decor choices they’ve made.

Sitting Room Garden

A beautiful indoor garden may be made without a lot of planning or a huge financial investment. The varied heights of the plants in this Savannah living room enhance its already pleasant atmosphere.


Vertical gardening is a great option if you’re short on square footage or just want to make your walls appear more interesting.

There is no size at which a living wall cannot be impressive. Such pre-assembled setups are available for purchase on the web. You may also get inspiration by reading our article on how to create a living wall, although you’ll want to use indoor plants like ferns, peace lilies, and philodendrons instead.

Try a striking blue-green on the supporting wall and complement it with plush fabrics to make a statement.

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A Curtain of Trailing Vines

If you’re short on floor space or simply want to add vertical green appeal, try hanging low-maintenance, sun-loving trailing vines from your curtain rail.

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