08 Best full-frame cameras for Youtube vlogging

1. Sony A7III

The Sony A7III One of the Best camera for Youtube Vlogging which was released three years ago, is still a good alternative to other full-frame cameras and flies in no time on the secondary market. The camera is based on a 24-megapixel back-illuminated matrix. Buffer capacity – 89 compressed or up to 40 uncompressed RAW files. The camera uses hybrid autofocus: contrast and phase detection at the same time. There is eye guidance and face recognition. The stabilizer is implemented on the basis of a matrix shift. It compensates for 5 stops of shutter speed. The camera can shoot Full HD and 4K. The bit rate is up to 100 Mbps.

2. Sony A7S III

The Sony A7S III Is Best Point and shoot film Camera for youtube vlogging has a back-illuminated 12-megapixel sensor and a large pixel, which gives a gain in dynamic range and high working ISO. The camera is well suited for shooting in low light conditions and up to ISO 6400 shows a good level of detail, devoid of noise. The five-axis stabilizer (compensates for up and down tilts, left and right tilts, up and down linear displacements, left and right linear displacements and rotation) is implemented on the basis of matrix shift.

An important advantage of the camera is its high-quality 4K footage it say this is perfect camera for youtube. When working with an external recorder, you can record a 4K 60fps video stream with a color depth of 16 bits (ProRes Raw). When writing to a memory card, the maximum bit rate is 500 Mb / s.

 3. Sony A1

This Sony A1 Best camera for youtube received a matrix with a resolution of 50 megapixels. It can shoot up to 30fps in 12-bit RAW format. Sony A1 can write video in 8K with a frequency of up to 25/30 frames / s and a bit rate of 200 or 400 Mbps. The stabilization system is based on matrix shift. It compensates for vibrations in five axes for up to 5.5 stops of exposure. 

The camera uses a hybrid autofocus system. And machine learning technologies allow you to autofocus in the eyes of people and animals, as well as track an object in real time.

4. Nikon Z 6II

This camera received a matrix with a resolution of 24.5 megapixels, hybrid autofocus and five-axis stabilization on the shift of the matrix, which compensates for up to 4 stops in shutter speed. Camera rate of fire up to 14 frames / s. 

The buffer size is 60 RAW frames. There is eye guidance. The camera can record video in the UHD 4K standard at 30 fps.

5. Nikon Z5

The Nikon Z5 full-frame Best affordable camera for wildlife photography received a 24.3-megapixel sensor, hybrid autofocus (there is a definition of faces and eyes), as well as an intra-camera five-axis stabilization based on sensor shift. It provides a gain of up to 5 stops in exposure time. Rate of fire up to 4.5 frames / s. 

When shooting in RAW, the buffer is enough for 40 frames. The camera allows you to record video in the UHD 4K standard at 30 frames / s, however, it scales the original picture by a factor of 1.7.

6. Panasonic Lumix DC-S5

The sensor of this film camera has a resolution of 24 megapixels. It features contrast autofocus with improved head, face and eye detection, as well as five-axis stabilization based on sensor shift. It provides up to five exposure stops or 6.5 when combined with optical stabilization on the lens.

The camera is equipped with a display that is movable in all planes, and a maximum video resolution of 4K UHD at 60 frames / s. The continuous shooting speed with single-frame focusing reaches 7 fps, and the frame buffer allows you to shoot in bursts for 3.5 seconds when recording in RAW.

Canon EOS R6

The resolution of the Canon EOS R6 Vlogging Camera for kids matrix is ​​20 megapixels. Rate of fire up to 20 frames / s with electronic and up to 12 frames / s with a mechanical shutter. Video recording in 4K @ 60 fps @ 230 Mbps and Full HD @ 120 fps @ 120 Mbps. 

The camera also received a touchscreen display that is movable in all planes. Autofocus covers almost the entire frame. The stabilization is five-axis based on matrix shift. In combination with optical stabilization of the lens, it gives an advantage of 8 stops of exposure in terms of shutter speed.

Canon EOS R5

Canon’s top-of-the-range full-frame camera for youtube. The older and more expensive brother of the Canon EOS R6. Their main differences are that the R5 has a higher resolution – 45 megapixels. In addition, he can write video in 8K resolution at 30 frames / s and a bit rate of 1300 Mbps, and 4K at 120 frames / s and a bit rate of 1880 Mbps. The rest of the cameras are similar.

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